Should I try installing my own patio or deck?

In my experience, no. Oftentimes the material is installed the improper way and the cost to repair what somebody has already installed will exceed your budget. Often clients try to install a deck or a patio themselves, and they will cut the material the wrong way, and that material will no longer be useable.

What kind of maintenance will my patio require?

Sweeping or using a blower will help keep patios or pathways clear of debris. Rinsing with a mild detergent will also help keep the stone or patio pavers clean every two years. Spreading polymeric sand will help prevent weeds and grass. It also helps to maintain the integrity of your patio or walkway.

What kind of maintenance will my deck require?

Keep your deck swept and clear of debris regularly. Inspect it for rot, staining, or ceiling is an option after the wood has been allowed to weather, usually about three to four months. Composite decking is more expensive initially, but does not require the same maintenance.