Fence Repairs Before Winter

Decks and fences especially those made of wood are subject to some noticeable damage during the winter that many homeowners and business managers don’t address until the spring. By then, repairs could be difficult and a total replacement of the fence or deck might be necessary. Instead of waiting until after the last minute, check out these hazards the average fence may encounter this winter, and why you should schedule repairs before frost falls over Chicago. As the temperature changes, so does the consistency of the soil. Some patches may become brittle, dry, or otherwise unstable, and fence posts start to lean. Have a professional inspect each post and determine which ones need reinforcement, repair, or replacement. Looking for friendly and experienced fence and deck installation and repair service? Contact our team at Superior Fence today and ask how you should prepare your property for the winter. We have 15+ years of service experience and offer free estimates, so call 224.321.4462 now. We look forward to hearing from you.